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Southampton Pet Photographer ~ Murphy

2014-05-02 Louise Osborne

Southampton Pet Photographer ~ Murphy

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will know that i have an adorable little Jack Russell x Yorkie called Murphy (Bo) and will have seen that unfortunately we had to have him put to sleep.

I have had Murph since i was 14 and on 12th April 2014 at nearly 15 years old, we had to make the awful decision to let Murphy go.

Murphy first became unwell last August and lost weight, we then discovered he had signs of liver damage, this was then managed with diet changes (Murph loved this as it meant he could have human food like chicken, steak & rice) but towards the end of March this year Murphy became blind in his left eye and then a few weeks later bloated with water and increased in size tremendously for such a little dog. After blood tests we then found out his liver had got worse and his panaceas and kidneys were starting to fail. It was awful seeing Murph bloat out in the last few weeks and broke my heart to watch him struggle to walk, his legs buckling under his increased weight and not being able to sit comfortably, and so we decided it was for the best to let our precious little Murphy go and i held him until he fell asleep in my arms.

Our only comfort was that now he can be reunited with his handsome brother Rocky who we had lost 2 years previous, and my Granddad Reg who died last January and adored the boys.

My little man was constantly photographed and became a very good model & quite a poser 😉  I am a true dog lover.

I have found it so very hard to let my little man go and miss him terribly the house seems so empty without him. In time the heart ache will heal but i will never forget all the memories i have with this gorgeous little man.

Sleep tight little man

Lots of love

Lou xxx

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